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TEL 01527 584000


Do you use brushes for:

  • Metal finishing?
  • Polishing?
  • Cleaning & floor care?
  • Deburring?
  • Painting, for glues & maintenance?
  • Production?
  • Car washing?
  • Precious metals?
  • Medical, pharmaceutical & food use?
  • Golf & hobbies?
  • Strip sealing brush?

The Products:

The company supplies brush types for most applications, inc:

The Markets

The markets we serve are:

  • *Train Wash
  • *Food & Drinks
  • *Precious Metal & Jewellery
  • *Processing
  • *Woodworking
  • *Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • *Floor-care
  • *Semi-conductors
  • *Tube manipulation/cleaning
  • *Janitorial *Sewage
  • *Off-shore & Submersible
  • *Automotive
  • *Aerospace
  • *Military & Defence
  • *Steelworking
  • *Non-ferrous strip
  • *Electrical & Switchgear
  • *Garage Forecourts
  • *Rail-Track maintenance

(Also many other markets too.... from watchmaking, to shipbuilding).

As Brush manufacturers and applications specialists, we can guide you to the most cost-effective solutions for the use of Brushes. Form the most functional to purely aesthetic, from concept to volume production, from cleaning to high-tech, we can share your concern about the most basic rules and efficient in the use of Brushes!

To you a brush may be nothing more than a clean sweep, but to us it's more than this - we are serious, proud & most efficient with the brush and its application - and you'll be pleased we are! For ultimate Cost-Effectiveness.

Contact us about any aspect, idea or use of brushes

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