TEL 01527 584000

TEL 01527 584000

Vehicle Wash Brushes

Car-Wash, Truck & Bus-Wash, Train-Wash Brushes

Original equipment or replacement brushes to suit.
British, American and Continental machines.

Vehicle Wash And Rail Brushes

We supply brushes for most UK and Continental Machines, in all shapes and sizes. Standard and specially made to order in any colour.

Brush Style

  • Ridged Slide on - easy fitting for car and commercial wash
  • Split Core - two halves bolt together - for commercial wash
  • Wrap-Round Mat - for car wash and light commercial


We use a special PEX synthetic polyethylene material, widely used in the vehicle wash industry with excellent wear characteristics and gentle washing action.

We also use a relatively new poly foam material. This is a light weight, wide flat surface material, providing a larger washing contact area and in return giving a nice shiny finish to the wash.

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